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Re: Remove Front Cab Bolts

Agreed, Cab first... I'm told that all other body parts adjust from there. I hope you are off base on the frame having issues. Thought of that, but trying to avoid checking it just yet.... Ignore it and it will go away... Hopefully if there is an issue with it, someone will have a good suggestion on fixing it. I just finished replacing all the suspension and really don't want to have to strip it all back off. Of course you do what is required.

I'll give the Zep 45 a try. Almost out of the PB and needed to restock. But I did get a jump start on spraying everything while doing the suspension. and will hit it again this weekend and next while doing the steering and rear end.

What you mention about the poly, is the question I was going to ask. I don't mind so much it riding a little stiffer, but any squeaks or rattles will drive me nuts.

Safety glasses - yes always a requirement. A few years ago I got a very small piece of steel stuck in the left eye. The Ophthalmologist used a dremel tool to literally grind it out. And that was after holding a needle sideways and dragging it across the eyeball trying to pop the sliver out. Wasn't very much fun...

Tomorrow my wife is having heart surgery (not open heart) so depending on her recovery, I may or may not be working on the truck much this weekend. But when it is back in the air, I'll start a new thread and post some pictures. Maybe my mistakes and dumb questions will help someone else out...

Again thanks for taking the time to offer advice.
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