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Re: Temp Gauge

Aftermarket senders are notorious for not matching the OEM resistance curves. Where did you get your new gauge? If it is also an aftermarket, even if it is designed to fit in the OEM cluster, it could also have a non-OEM curve.

The early OEM gauges had a lower resistance curve then the later ones. So a late curved sender paired with a early curved gauge will result in almost no movement, even at full hot.

When you do your ground test, are you grounding to the side of the sender, also testing the sender ground?

I played this game. Finally found a combo that sorta works. A sender O'Rielly's says is for a 89 Suburban paired with a mid 80's gauge works close. Not perfect. Rather sensitive to outside temps. If it is cold out, the gauge will read about 1/4. If hot out, will read about 2/3. But better then I had for years.
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