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Re: Temp Gauge

This is the description of the BW WT358 sensor you have listed:

Temperature Sender With Gauge; In design, BWD specifies custom wax formulations that will expand when heated, activate a snap action electrical contact and transfer the electrical signal to the fan controller. In manufacture, BWD custom form the wax pellets for different temperature range specifications. All units are calibrated & tested to confirm switch actuation at their specified temperature. The switch is designed using a formed bimetallic contact arm. The bimetal contact movement is achieved using the different expansion rates of two metals fused together. This is a creep action device, provides precise performance. In production, all thermal switches are factory-calibrated to make electrical contact at the specified lower-temperature set point. BWD switches feature a robust design with high grade materials to meet the stringent demands of today's service professional. BWD is a global manufacturer of original equipment ignition products, complete quality control is maintained through the manufacturing process from componentry to finished product.
Sounds to me like that specific sensor is intended to control a fan circuit by the way their description is worded.

The 213-4792 AC Delco sensor is coming up as a gauge sensor, but it also shows that fitment is 1985+ Chevys, which may not be compatible with your gauge, and thus why you might not be getting a reading from it.

The AC Delco 8993146 appears to be correct for 1979 and later gauges, and I do realize that you have a 1979, but that was also a crossover year for gauges and you may have late 78 gauges and wiring in your truck. You may need sensor 1513321 if this is the case.
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