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Re: Polar Bear Suburban

Originally Posted by cal30_sniper View Post
Larry, I had a question about what you used for the fuel lines in this truck with the 8.1L. If I remember correctly, I read somewhere else that you used the factory TBI lines up to the fuel filter, and then ran something else to connect up to the 8.1L fuel rail. Do you have a parts list or description of how you tied in the 8.1L fuel rail with the TBI lines in your suburban?

I'm getting the parts together to swap in an '04 C5500 8.1L into my '86 454 C20 Suburban. I'm planning to snag the fuel tank pickup and lines from a TBI squarebody suburban, and need to figure out a clean way to hook them up to the pressure and return ports on the 8.1L. I'd love to know how you did yours.
Well, I am using the stock TBI lines from the tank to the TBI fuel filter location. From the filter to the fuel rail I am using Workhorse Custom Chassis 8.1L RV chassis fuel lines with concoction of a Dorman fuel line repair kit to connect the WCC lines to the fuel filter. There are lots of ways to set up fuel lines for these type engine swaps and most are pretty good.

Fuel lines...
Return: W0000540
Supply: W0000539

Those lines can be purchased from any Workhorse dealer as they are a Workhorse exclusive, not a common GM part
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