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Re: Truck Images Circa 1930

According to things I have read about Albert Kahn a book just on his accomplishments along would be in order.

Albert Kahn, Architect: 1869 - 1942 was a Jewish immigrant who came with his family to Detroit in 1880. Joined the firm of Mason and Rice in 1884 where he was trained, thence was academically trained in Europe (scholarship) and returned back to the states.

He boast to Henry Ford.. "Mr. Ford... I can build anything." And he did. He was the most sought after for most of the automotive industry plants. Even many in Russia.

Some of his credits... Ford's Highland Park Plant, The River Rouge Complex, Willow Run Bomber Plant.

Built building for Army, Navy, General Motors, University of Michigan, Hospitals, Libraries, mansions, Temples. 521 Factories alone in Soviet Union, Dodge's B-25 engine plant in Chicago. The list goes on and on.

It was commonplace agreed that their is no building any better suited for the automotive industry as an Albert Kahn structure. Be it for any phase of manufacturing.

It is my understanding that the Albert Kahn and Associates is still a viable architectural firm.

I met a man in recent times that his father was in demolition business. He lamented that the Albert Kahn Building were the most challenging to level.

Albert Kahn
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