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Re: The Hillbilly Deluxe dually build

Progress hasn't stalled but during the holiday season, the money tree seems to grow so much slower than other times of the year.

So, in the mean time, I've been plugging away on inexpensive stuff.

Got the core support all restored. I just sandblasted it and painted it. I usually powdercoat them but due to logistics with my work flow in the shop I just hung it from the rafters and shot it with paint.

I did powdercoat all of the smaller pieces in high gloss black to contrast against the semi gloss core support. All new headlight adjusters and screws too.

I also stopped by Certifit yesterday and picked up new headlight doors and turn signal assemblies. Now I'm waiting on the next influx of truck money to buy a set of new halogen headlights and a billet grille. I really like the OEM Chevy grilles, but I don't have one and to piece together, and doing so with all of the center moldings, bowtie and such would way surpass the price of a billet one.
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