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Re: post your 67-72 4x4

[QUOTE=special-K;3548123]Nnnnope.Just one for "all" 4wds.

Presently,I`m down to a single truck.I bought this one in`01.It`s from out of Modesto,CA.I drove it home on Memorial Day weekend.The three tanks sure got their use.I had three`72 3/4Ts and a SWB with different plans for each.My user name comes from these special trucks I was so proud of.Cheyenne Super Custom Camper:Restored/Showy/Loaded...Sierra:Restored/Low-profile camper hauler/RV/Traveler...Highlander Custom Camper:Unrestored/Daily driver/Chores...SWB:1T all-out Stepside/Off road toy/Still streetable w/37s.

So,here`s the Sierra on it`s way home:

Took these wheels off the Super that was awaiting restoration:

Ended up using these because they are narrower.The springs are tired and waiting to be replaced,along with tires:

I still have the SWB.Just not sure if I can see my plans through after this whole wife drained money/created huge debt/divorce/recession deal I`ve been crawling through.:

I feel your pain, sold several great rigs trying to keep the marriage, a nice 64 swb big back glass, my favorite 69 GMC 4X4 swb loaded, not to count my 41s and 55s.
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