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Re: No Park Lamps when Headlight On

So I checked power at the light, and once the headlights are on, there's no power.

Originally Posted by Longhorn Man View Post
do the tail lights go out when the headlights are on?
Did you order a harness for 67?
Nope, the tail lights remain on when the headlights are on.
The kit I used was P/N 10206. It says on their website they are 18 Circuts for 1967-1972 Trucks. I don't see one on their website for 67 only, so I don't believe so.

Originally Posted by raycow View Post
I believe the first year for "full time" parking lights was 68. You MAY have an incorrect switch, but even if you do, there is no need to replace it. The cheapest fix is to connect the parking light wire to the tail light terminal on the switch, or put a jumper across the two terminals.

The jumper across the tail and parking terminals sounds simple enough. On the painless kit, here's the 2 wire codes:

On the switch, this is where they are located:

So, on the pig tail of the light switch, do I simply just shove a wire across from the 927 wire to the 929?

Well, first I should probably check to see if there's power at the 927 wire with the headlights on...
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