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Re: HOW TO: Install HID Lighting & HID lighting explained

I have run and ran HID’s in everyone of my vehicles. Even my wife’s, mothers and brothers. In fact xmas comes around a HID kit is one of my favorite things to give. Who doesn’t appreciate brighter headlights at night.
With that being said, I have never had any problems from Johnny Law in the last 12 years or so. My first kit was like 650 dollars back when HIDs were “new” to the market. Now 85 bucks can get you into almost the same kit.
I have ran all temps (colors) and the cool factor is awesome with really purple lights, but visibility is almost null and void.
Long story short, HIDs are awesome. But as posted above, adjust your lights—even if you don’t have HIDs, do us all a favor and adjust your lights..
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