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Re: HOW TO: Install HID Lighting & HID lighting explained

Originally Posted by Sacramento70 View Post
heres what i want to know ....this website is called 67-72 chevytrucks and yes i understand they accomadate 47 to whatever years ( im not sure at the moment) but you decide to do a hid write up and install process on a post 72 vehicle? what gives, us first gen guys would love to see our trucks in a write up like this and it seems that no one has offered an in detail write of this caliber ...i just finished upgrading my front light harness with relays and bringing my system up to to 14v.....maybe you just want to sell your harness vs informing us how to build one ( thought we were here to learn from each other and share are experiences and ideas) just a thought
Originally Posted by Sacramento70 View Post
not replies , just finished my own wiring kit with 12 awg wire and did it for under $40 including relays and bases as well as wires ,,,if anyone wants to know how to diy the headlight kit let me know and ill pm you details and specifics
You had PM'd us a month or two ago, asking if we would tell you how to build a "relay kit" for your truck. Let me put this into perspective for you, for example; would you call up KFC's headquarters and ask them what there recipe is for there chicken so you could go and make your own at home? Of course not. That the same exact scenario in a nut shell.

We offer a unique premium product with the HD Headlight Harness's, that we've spent hundreds of hours devolving, hundreds of hours of rigorous testing for dependability and durability and sourcing very high quality components that are put into our harness's. When it comes to headlights, it's a matter of safety for our customers and their families. When someone installs a Mean Green HD Headlight Harness, they can be rest assured that it will work flawlessly and increase the output of their headlights allowing them a much safer worry free night driving experience. Because we have earned a reputation of high quality products.

Did you know that 99% off ALL of the components within our Harness's are American Made?? From the pure copper marine grade wire, shrink tubing, split loom, terminals, electrical tape, solder, etc. is ALL made by American hands in the USA. Our headlight connectors are Ceramic, not the inexpensive failure prone nylon connectors that some people and companies use; that have a low heat exposure rating..

There are no "short cuts" in our harness's, EVERY connection is soldered and heat shrunk. We don't use ANY cheap low end components. So you say you built your own "Headlight kit" for under $40? Did you use new or used parts? I can guarantee that it's not built with same caliber of components that ours are, because quite frankly you couldn't buy the raw materials for under $40 as a person that's not in the industry.

We're a gold vendor here, that means that we pay every single month to support this great forum. We took the time to write this article to inform and help people on HID's. Because we seen a lot of people asking different questions in regards to HID's, and we thought it'd be nice to have a well written article outlining common questions and misconception in regards to HID's. Regardless of what year the install vehicle was in the article, the information on HID's remains the same no matter what year the vehicle they are getting installed on. So whether your installing HID's on a 67-72 Chevrolet (1960-1966 was the first generation of C/10's, NOT 67-72's) or on 88-98 Chevy (GMT400), the information on the HID's themselves remain the same. The install procedure may be vary a bit; but the information on the HID's are still the same.

There are hundreds of very talented and intelligent individuals on this forum that build mind blowing trucks, but there are still a few things that if you don't have a complete understanding of; it's best left to the professionals that have years of experience on that particular aspect of the vehicle. And in a lot of cases, those two things are wiring and cutting & modifying frames. Because if either of those two things are done wrong, or not quite right; it can end in disaster. And we are honored that a lot of beautiful expert built trucks, still allow us the privilege of having our products used within the build.

Thank you for your time,
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