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Re: HOW TO: Install HID Lighting & HID lighting explained

Baron, you are right on a lot of points. Everybody wants to "do their own wiring" because people think its simple enough. Well, allow me to add from the perspective of a DIY'er, builder and fabricator, knowledge is the parts you choose to use is key. What most people don't realize are with respect to relays and wiring, commercial grade relays not found in your generic parts stores are rated at far high cycle counts and use various contact materials to aid in resisting extreme heat created from the arcing. Also, wiring must be carefully chosen and I freely explain what I use because it matters. When I hear someone say they built their own harness for $40, I would be curious, is it rated for underhood use? It better be for safetys sake! That means it better be at least j1128 spec. That's just two examples of what seperates a professional product from a junk one.

Nothing wrong with making your own harnesses but be aware of what the differences are in the parts you use. For example, I use Tyco relays, Delphi crosslink GXL or TXL wiring and Delphi connectors and terminals. All parts are USA except for the relays-they are manufactured in Spain. I avoid Chinese built parts at all costs. I used to use Hella relays until my batches started arriving with Chinese 70 AMP relays.....I've switches to Tyco brand relays ever since.
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