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Re: HOW TO: Install HID Lighting & HID lighting explained

Originally Posted by gmachinz View Post
Cool...let's see some links for cheap ceramic plugs, pics of the install would be nice. What type of wire did you use? A journeyman must know what the differences between SXL or GXL wiring and what spec they rate at.....just call me curious.
i would call you curious...someone of your knowledge and talent and you cant figure a way to build a harness for cheap? supply and demand my friend, that's the game we play and i'm not in the business of paying premium prices. lets just say i did figure a way to build my harness cheap and to date no fire! what a surprise right? No, i'm smart enough to avoid hazards and build a quality product. I'm happy for you pal, hope you can make a profit off of others who don't understand electrics.

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