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Re: HOW TO: Install HID Lighting & HID lighting explained

Originally Posted by gmachinz View Post, no links-got it.
Well then allow me:

Using parts store relays, terminals and wire you can put together a headlight relay kit for about $20-25. Does this work? Sure-imo for stock halogens with a noticeable improvement over sending voltage through the factory headlight switch.

Do most people like the option of a headlight kit to allow for higher wattage bulbs or aftermarket housing with H4 or equivalent bulbs? Yes, they do I would say. Well most people such as I and Dave at Hollister suggest using ceramic plugs to withstand the potential of extra heat that the oem's never intended. And, there's an increase in amperage demand consequently.

So, where do you get SXL or GXL rated underhood wiring? Not at a parts store. Where do you find ceramic headlight plugs for both high and low beam? Again not at a parts store.

So even online you'll average $10 apiece for headlight plugs not including shipping and related parts to make it work. So from a shear cost standpoint, I called you out. $20-25 relay kits work, but arent optimal. But if have a source for $2 ceramic plugs, I'm all ears.
I got commercial grade ceramic h4 plugs from a buddy of mine for free, he works on ambulances and trust me when i say these are top notch, i had wire left over from another project its 12 awg and rated for use. all the terminals and connectors are i got from a auction that were bought in bulk and left over, quality stuff tho. all connections were soldered and heat shrunk....i could go on all day im a grind and find king and yes i did make the kit for around $40, i just didn't tell you some parts i got free and others i all ready had from money making jobs so those parts were purely free. as for relays i got tyco/bosch whatever you like to call them - its not what you know friend its who you know and how you can make everything come together. There is no true price on anything its only worth what someone will pay and i wont pay consumer prices. im not with the herd, so dont lecture me on your merits of knowledge on how to where to crap because its getting either of us nowhere

So i wish you luck and good fortune my friend on this one well agree to disagree

Cheers, Brandon
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