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Re: High voltage after alternator conversion

Originally Posted by hdff View Post
Hi vettevet, looking at your diagram on my very limited electrical knowledge (i'm trying to learn) what is the black dot I have circled #1, is that the evr?? also #2 says fusible link on the wire from the battery is a fusible link an in line fuse. I am considering a larger amp alternator and am just trying to get a total understanding of what all I need to do prior to doing it. I think I understand this pic except for the 2 questions I've ask. thanks for your knowledge and help
i can tell you from just doing this, the number 1 you have circled, that is where all the constant 12v wires come together on the driver side around the inner fender. It's basically a distribution block more or less.

My understanding is a fusible link is pretty much a fuse. But it's a wire that basically melts away like a fuse would in the event of a short. SO the wire breaks instead of catching fire.
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