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Re: 1972 K10 - Daisy

Originally Posted by Dieselwrencher View Post
Very nice truck and very cool to see you out using it. Especially with a camper shell. What didn't you like about the 4x4 camper you had?
Hey Dieselwrencher,

Short answer: the Four Wheel Camper is heavy and I got the camper shell for free.

Are you thinking about buying a camper?

The FWC, an early 90s Grandby 8 foot, weighs about 1400-1500 lbs, my best guess, and feels like a little too much for my 1/2 ton truck. The current figures on FWC website list it as 1095 lbs, so I'm not sure if the older ones were a little heavier, or I just had that much junk on board. I took it over the CAT scales and was a hair over 6000 lbs, with just the truck, 20 gallons of fuel, and the camper, no camping gear, tools or luggage to speak of. 6000 lbs is the max GVWR for my truck, so strike one.

Then I got a camper shell, my first, for free, and that seemed to fit my style a little better. I am coming from tent camping and had only ever taken the FWC on 2 trips.

Third, my wife and I have 2 kids, 2.5 years and 9 months, so camping trips are kind of on the back burner at the moment. These days what work best for me is to take the 2 year old and bug-out for a long weekend. I also find I don't drive the truck as much on a daily basis when the FWC is loaded on it, however, I drive it to work everyday just fine with my camper shell setup and that reduces the number of things I have to do to prep for a camping trip.

I still have the FWC in my driveway and cannot decide if I will sell it or keep it. I am trying to plan a camping trip for the whole family soon, and that will help me think through what setup works best for us.
1972 K10, 350/SM465/NP205, 4 inch lift, 35x12.50s on 15x10 wheels
1976 K20 crew cab, 350/350/part-time NP203

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