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Re: 1954 Chev 3100 Truck Wiring Diagram

Originally Posted by Darthintel View Post
I made some changes
Well I guess what threw me off was the symbol at the battery. I thought it was the ground symbol and I thought that I remembered that the pre-55 stuff was six volt positive ground, so it made sense to me that the red wires were positive and the battery symbol was the ground . I guess the combination of the symbol and the smallness of the diagram plus my old eyes made me think it was positive ground.
I know that the total current in the circuit runs through the ammeter, so that kinda limits your current draw, plus it is known as a fire hazard. I didn't see it as being positive ground but the polarity would have been right. It's been a long time since I worked on anything that old.
I started life with a 1950 Ford which was positive ground and six volt so I just figured your 54 was as well even though it's a GM. My apologies for the mistake. I'll take a closer look and maybe I can find my diagram of the older trucks to compare.

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