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Re: 1954 Chev 3100 Truck Wiring Diagram

This site is great. I offered my version of a wiring diagram on this site and another. I received comments on the other site stating I don't know how to create a schematic drawing - and asking why I was trying to re-invent the wheel and asking for others to review. That did rub me the wrong way, so I removed my diagrams from both sites.
The comments from this site have been great and very valuable. No offense taken.
I do have the original wiring diagram for the truck, but enjoy making my own personalized drawings, which others don't seem like. To each his own.

I apologize if I came off the wrong way in my last response - I really appreciate everyone helping me and others.

I've attached my latest wiring diagram for others to look at and let me know if I've made any major mistakes.
Yes - It's my own diagram and doesn't follow conventional schematic rules
Yes - It's just for fun to make it my own.
Yes - it contains fun images for accessories.
Yes - I've kind of followed the original color codes, but not in all cases.
No - I'm not creating this to replace the original schematic.
Yes - I enjoy drawing for fun.
Yes - I value all feedback
Thank you!
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