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HEI Module Paste

Where can I get a tube or small packets of the white insulating paste you're supposed to smear on the bottom of the Ignition Control Module in an HEI distributor?
You get one free with every new ICM, and the local auto parts stores used to have a little katchup packet size for sale on the sides of the cash registers, but I could not find it at my local O'Reilly's nor Auto Zone.
It looks just like white lithium grease, but I'm told that's not it. Also the Ky Jelly-like silicone dielectric grease [used on HEI plug wire and plug ends] is also not the right stuff.
The Modules get hot, and this stuff is supposed to insulate it from the deck of the distributor.
I've been told it's used in computers and you can get it at computer shops, but that world is a mystery to me.
I have a couple of spare, used, checked-OK modules, that I keep in the glove boxes of my trucks, but no fresh white gunk.
So what do you call it and who's got some?

Every 25 years I like to rebuild that 292, whether it needs it or not.
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