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Re: HEI Module Paste

Originally Posted by Andy4639 View Post
Autozone also has the Heatsink Gel and its Wells part number is SL203.
If you have a store around. They all closed down here in SC.
The Radio Shack part number is 276-1372.

Thanks, Andy. Here in Arizona, there are lots of AutoZones. [I was in my local Zone last night -- had to show the counter guy how to run his diagnostic machine to check out my module. He offered me a job there.]
Radio Shacks have disappeared here. They have an online operation, but the good ol' days of going into the Shack with a sick CB rig and coming out with a perfectly tuned 2-way are long gone. Looks like they're out of 275-1372 anyway.

rpmerf, thanks.

Every 25 years I like to rebuild that 292, whether it needs it or not.

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