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Re: Inflation and Taxation

I would think about seceding from my county, if they pulled that on me.
In Arizona, it's a state agency: ADOT/MVD.
In 2006 I bought a half-truck trailer made from a C/2500 bed and frame. It had no VIN without a front end. The state glued on their own VIN.
I paid a farmer in Chandler $200 for the trailer. I took it into the nearest MVD office in Mesa to get legal. Getting the trailer a new plate and sticker cost me $196.00. I cussed, at hearing the price and the MVD clerk admonished me for taking the Lord's Name in vain.
So my $200 trailer became a $400 trailer.
At least the sticker is permanent, not paid annually.
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Every 25 years I like to rebuild that 292, whether it needs it or not.

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