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Re: Different wiring harness

Thanks for all your responses - nice to get feedback from other more informed than myself.
One questions I have for Coach Controls would be: Is the wiring all direct connect to the panel and up to us to grommet a firewall pass through or is there some sort of bulkhead connector? Aside from that I'm sure you will report back with more information after meeting them !?
More general thoughts/questions I had aside from anyone having direct experience were:
1. relays on board vs closer to end subject?
2. they say you don't need a heavy duty light or ignition switch. For us I guess that just means our existing switches won't be subject to constant current? and what about that push button start?
3. Is the wiring of lights, running lights, turn signals, side lamps all essentially the same as with many of the available harnesses where you have to re-use, or replace and connect all the bulb and socket connections?
Thanks again for any responses
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