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Re: Different wiring harness

I have your questions written down.
I have copied the wiring diagram from
the FAQ for our trucks.
Going to a copy place to try to get it enlarged today.
This will help me lay out all my questions for Ed.
The Fuse/Relay block mounts anywhere you choose.
So anywhere the wires exit it will be up to the installer
to add a grommet(I'm pretty sure).
This is my first question for sure.
I will write your questions down and post back.
About your last question.
Another member shared this website on another thread.
which would be valuable in this thread of yours. .
Thanks again for posting this.
I think this is the perfect choice for my build.
I will be replacing the toe-panel.
So I can weld up the square place for original fuse block
and get a round grommet for the exit to engine harness.
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