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Originally Posted by Getter-Done View Post
I went to Coach Controls today.
Ed Rodden (President of company) Has Great knowledge of
Wiring, Relays and hands on what it takes to make
them work.
I purchased a Coupe-23B long wiring kit.
I had a Good conversation with him to verify that this
is what I need for my build.
I asked your Questions and will try to 3rd person translate
them the best I can.
This one:
Is the wiring all direct connect to the panel and up to us to grommet a firewall pass through or is there some sort of bulkhead connector?
1. relays on board vs closer to end subject?
Probably better to call and ask him on the phone
Any-way here is my translation.
This board can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle.
In his Mounting and Grounding instructions.
It has Two 100 amp MIDI fuse holders and fuses are included with this kit. One of the 100 amp fuses
protects the wires connecting the battery and alternator, the other protects the Power Center. TWO
So in my opinion In our Trucks this system best location is
where the original fuse block was.

2. they say you don't need a heavy duty light or ignition switch. For us I guess that just means our existing switches won't be subject to constant current? and what about that push button start?
They would be correct the relays take the most of the load off
the switch. Push button can used in this system As Long as there is
a Neutral Safety switch in the system. Auto trans is simple.
With manuel trans you would have to (Blah BlaH Blah)

3. Is the wiring of lights, running lights, turn signals, side lamps all essentially the same as with many of the available harnesses where you have to re-use, or replace and connect all the bulb and socket connections?
My kit includes the connections and More than enough wire.
Plus it includes Laminated wiring diagram.

I can take pics of any or all of the box of Goods I got today.
Again I am not trying to take over your thread.
I am just glad you started it.
I will make sure to take pics and include step by step in my build thread.
It will be awhile before I get to that step though.
So I wouldn't mind sharing pictures of the stuff I purchased today.
Hope this helps you with your project.
Good info and yes pictures of the product would be nice. What size relays are they using and are they aftermarket ones are GM ones. GM relays want work with aftermarket harneses.
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After talking to tech support at Air Lift I have found out that the kit I need is 60811. Per the measurements I gave them. Ride height of truck inside spring and inside diameter of springs.
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