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Re: Blower motor fan stuck on high- Buzzing from relay

Originally Posted by OhioPaul View Post
No anti dieseling relay that I am aware of. I do not see a purple wire at switch as the wire diagram shows or 2 greens at compressor switch. Is it mounted in another location?
My original relay did this and so does the new one that I bought.
As I read it it shows power from fuse box to the 3 prong harness, I don't understand why the single 18 orange has power as well- It's like the relay is getting powered twice?
I think whoever colored the wires used purple. Here is the uncolored version except for the orange wire.

Name:  ac diagram 1.jpg
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The green wires would be for the compressor clutch switch which fed by the anti-dieseling relay and the yellow wire off the fan switch. It can work without the AD relay if you don't have one.\
I don't have AC on my truck so I'm not sure where it is if the truck has one.
I will search some threads and see if anyone knows.

Here you go.

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