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Re: Different wiring harness

Andy 4639
I will try to answer as best as I can.
The Power Center has a Lifetime Warranty
(unless the installer fry's it by incorrect installation)
I talked with Ed about the relays. It was my first Question.
Loose connections is eliminated with soldering.
He said he has not had any problems with Relay's .
Here is his contact info.
Tel: 423-790-7905
The circuit board can be removed.
I will show 2 pictures below.
You can re-solder the relay's yourself if you wanted too.
The circuit board looks better than some of the stuff
I have seen on newer vehicles.
I considered taking wiring from a donor vehicle.
For the money verses time I'm choosing this route.
Name:  cc19.JPG
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Name:  cc20.JPG
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2nd picture shows hexagon stands.
(there is one on each corner)
These could be removed if you ever needed to.
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