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GMT400 Wiring Woes

1992 Chevy silverado k1500. 350, 5 speed, 4x4. Truck started idling rough the night before as I was pulling in to park it. Next morning I had to feather the throttle to keep it running. Got it warmed up and started backing up and it died. I knew the fuel pump was older so I replaced the pump and filter. Replaced fuel pump relay, ignition module in the distributor, oil pressure sensor. I found the injector A and B fuse was burnt. Replaced and hasn't blown since. With a test light the grey wire on the fuel pump relay goes hot for about 2 seconds when the key is turned. At the plug under the master cylinder where the grey and black/white wires go back to the fuel pump I get a 2 second shot with the key. With the key on at the pump the purple wire for the gauge is hot but nothing from the grey. The fuel pump just won't kick on. This has been tried with the old pump and the new. The best I can figure is a short somewhere but I can't find an exact wiring diagram to trace all the fuel system wiring. At this point I'm ready to find another truck to transplant my powertrain into. Anybody have any helpful advise?
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