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Re: Brothers Order M.I.A. ?

Originally Posted by Basketcase889 View Post
Here is the reply when I asked for an ETA on the items I ordered.

3 items were in stock, 2 items were back ordered (1 being the biggest item of the disc brake conversion kit/drop spindles) which I didn't know until I had paid and got my order confirmation which I think is wrong and misleading. Good thing I haven't taken the truck apart yet or I would be SOL until they sent my parts.


You must not have received our most current email to you we just got cleared to ship internationally we are have been unable to for the past four weeks so we are working through all of the orders in order of when they were place it could be a two weeks before we have a final shipping quote for you. the disc brake kit is also back ordered from the supplier some of the components to the disc brake kit are imported and are taking long to come in."

Not sure why they can't ship internationally. Nobody else that I've ordered from during these times has an issue. But I will give them the benefit of the doubt because I don't know.

I also don't know why they need to quote my shipping? I paid $169 flat rate... I think that should cover it plenty no? Not sure why it would change..

They also billed me 100% up front (almost $1200USD) even though sounds like it will be a 4 week delay (ordered April 29th) to ship the in stock parts, and no idea on ETA for the back ordered items.

Sucks because the sale had good prices, and the CPP kit is more money and says it won't arrive until end of June/early July. I would cancel and go with them if it seemed any better.

Sad that ECE is gone..
That is the longest one sentence crock of crap Iíve ever read.
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