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Re: better ride quality

Originally Posted by forestb View Post
I have a 62 C10 with a 350 and a 77 c10 front cross member. I have cpp 2 inch drop spindles and 2 inch drop springs and drop shocks with relocated brackets. In the rear I have 1 inch drop blocks and 4 inch drop coils and drop shocks with relocated brackets. Sway bars front and rear and an adjustable panhard bar.

The ride quality is not vary good. I found it feels better with a little weight in the bed. I can give the specks on the front shocks if it would help but don't have the rear.

I know that air bags will give me a smoother ride but I don't know if I want to go that far if I don't need to.

What do you all recommend?
You need to determine the spring rate of the rear coils. What brand?
What shocks & relocating kit was used?
What is the wheel tire combination?
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