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Price of a Pickup?

i have a few questions that i KNOW i will get some answers here from...

i found a pickup that i am looking into and am curious on your opinion on what this truck may be worth.. it is the following..

96 quad cab dually. has a 6.5 turbo desiel.
GREAT UNDERNEATH (frame and such)
No leaks.
power windows work/locks do not.
has a roll pan..
new compressor.
cold ac

it does have the PMD relocater kit on it for injection pump. a
Also has different Lift pump.

The interior is in my opinion cherry for how old it is..
some dark spots but extremely clean for the tan colored interior.

Issues that i saw after looking truck over for 2 hrs with a friend was..
fuel gauge seems to be stuck on full *witch i saw is a common problem with these pickups*.
i am not truck illiterate.have a lift in my garage and am able to fix/swap whatever.
i have a 65c10 and about 3 daily's i drive... just not so sure on this diesel truck.. i think its tell me... THANKS GUYS!!! appreciate the info.
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