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Re: Price of a Pickup?

Ah, I didn't think about leaks that way. Glad you guys pointed it out.

Originally Posted by JWall View Post
Also, I've owned around 8 of these trucks and never had one leak water into the cab. Guess i'm lucky
Do you normally park under a roof?

My truck has lived its life outside and seen lots of sun and humidity. Definitely seen its fair share of hard labor too. I've rarely seen water leaks if I'm driving or parking for less than an hour or so outside while raining moderately, but if I park the truck outside in the rain overnight the first few months I had it, water was pooled in the floorboards nearly every time. Usually street parking, so passenger side (where the cowl fresh air intake box lives) was lower than driver side.

Basically, after digging into things, what I found was lots of deteriorated foam and rubber, cracked seam sealer - gaskets on firewall and 3rd brake light were crispy and I suspect the foam seal for the fresh air intake in the cowl is shot also (probably my last leak source left), a lot of body seam sealer cracked, especially on either side of the cowl and where the b-pillars meet the roof.

Not sure how this could be avoided on this year range of trucks without a "kinder" climate and/or parking the truck inside its whole life. I've looked at a lot of trucks at the junkyard and found the issues above are pretty consistent in the 95-99ish OBS trucks/SUVs with regards to deteriorated seals and - especially - cracked seam sealer. Sucks, but I guess it is what it is.

Now if I could just solve my driver side b-pillar rattle... (pretty sure it's the way the door is riding on the strike latch post thingy)

PS - if you really want to feel lucky, hit Google with GMT400 rain leak then follow-up with variations like GMT400 passenger water leak and maybe GMT400 blower motor water leak. When you see the dozens (hundreds?) of results, you should feel like a damn lucky dog
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