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Re: Charlotte: Chronicles of a $100 Hoe

The Plan:

I am planning to keep track of every penny I spend on this build (hence the 'Chronicle' moniker) and I would really like to get it done and delivered around Christmas time.

Remove entire interior (sunroof left open thru winter, everything ruined and gross)
Replace sunroof assembly
Replace front seats
Add center console from 2003+ (maybe, need to figure out accessory options for kids in the back)
Replace rear 60/40 bench seat with dual buckets
Add 3rd row seats (missing when bought truck)
Replace all seatbelts
Replace carpet
Replace headliner
Replace front door panels
Replace dash 'pad' (all mount tabs broken)
Replace main dash metal and plastic frame work with 20003+ (broken/butchered when bought truck)
Install speakers in all 4 doors, 2003+ A Pillar speakers and rear D pillar speakers
Install 6. something or 7 inch touch stereo unit with backup camera
Install small amp under center console if I install center console

I want to change out all the interior lights for LED's, I want to add a tailgate/decklid light to shine on the ground when the decklid is open.

Shift lever is sloppy and the TOW/HAUL button and light work intermittently.


3 inch knuckle/spindle lift
3 inch rear coil lift with 2 inch-ish blocks
3/4 ton Torsion Bars
Some kind of 1-2 inch front diff drop to correct the Axle Angles
I would like to install 35 inch tire but I do not know if 3 inches of lift will be enough.
Rear calipers, pads, shoes, rotors, and rubber lines
Rear Axle mounted hard lines
Front calipers pads, rotors, and rubber lines
Upper control arms
Lower control arms
Inner and Outer tie rod ends (both sides)
Shocks all the way around
2007+ front brake upgrade


The body is in okay shape, small dings here and there, a dent in the quarter and one in the roof, nothing major body work wise. It was originally black, some previous owner painted in maroon, it looks to be a factory or close to factory color. The paint job was done about 85% correct as they removed everything to paint it, doors decklid, door panels, and all trim, I didn't even know it was black until i took a door panel off and found the 15% they didn't paint. The paint they used was either poor quality or they didn't get it on thick enough, the clear is peeling everywhere on the outside.

Strip much and repaint current color.
Replace front door pins and bushings (left front door is loose)
Remove badges
Remove door trims
Remove rooftop bumpers (on top of each roof rib is a stick on door bumper like old people put on car doors)
Replace Grill (current one busted)
Replace front bumper (current one has large dent)
Replace all exterior lights

Install large-ish rooftop basket style rack (to hual football gear)
Install Off-Road lights in rack for better visibility in winter months
Install large light bar between windshield and sunroof cavity
Install underbody Off-Road lights (like rock lights)
Install auxiliary Reverse lights under rear bumper
Install Off-Road style lights in place of factory fog lamps

Install Running boards
Install some sort of tuck-away rear bumper step to reach rooftop basket and football gear (these are short people, she is 5'2" he is 5'6" and they have 4 miniature humans)


I will not need to buy much of the parts to complete the planned build. I have a boat load of these trucks in various shapes and forms, as well as parts galore! I have a 1100 square foot shop full of parts for these trucks, some used parts, some newish parts and some parts that have never been out of the package. A lot of this build will be a veritable Franken-hoe as many of the parts will be from my stash and many will be parts I am planning to replace on some of my other projects. I will need to buy the 3rd row seats, Stereo Unit, Off-Road lights, LED interior light bulbs, Sunroof assembly, roof rack, Brakes, Paint (red only, I have clear and other supplies), and a handful of misc bits and bobs.

Next post will be progress updates.
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