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Re: Charlotte: Chronicles of a $100 Hoe

Okay, first thing I did was pull this truck into my shop and park it while I went out of town for a few days. I returned home to find that my shop was now infested with Black Widows. When I say infested, you gotta understand that I absolutely hate spiders of any kind, 3 is an infestation in my opinion. So I ran around the shop in search of Black Widows and managed to kill 4 that were hiding in various places that I do not frequent. With these nasties killed (by MAP Gas Torch) I set upon getting the rear end up and tires off to investigate just how bad the rear brakes really were. Well needless to say that the nasties I torched were but a drop in a bucket. I found a couple more when I removed the wheels. Disgusted by the spiders (i torched these as well) I took notes; needs pads and rotors alright, as well as parking shoes, rubber lines, calipers, and one of the rear hard lines on the axle had been cut out and replaced with a section of rubber fuel line. I called the local parts store, ordered parts, they wouldn't be here for a few days, so, I set off enough bug bombs to kill every bug in a 10,000 square foot warehouse, in my wee little 1,100 square foot shop. I was gonna kill 'em dead and make sure they were really DEAD!

Few days later I replaced all the parts listed above and set her on some other wheels I had laying around with better tires. I did this for two reasons, first the tires that came on the truck were showing steel cord on the fronts because the front suspension is just wore out, and second because I was planning to do a 2007+ brake upgrade in the front and the 16 inch wheels will not fit, the wheels I had laying around are 18's.

I still have no pictures to this point.
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