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Re: Left for dead: 72 2wd blazer build

Originally Posted by PD1292 View Post
Just checking in on your build, its looking great. Cant wait to see it finished. Thanks for the comments on my build and sorry you dont have a lot of time to work on yours. I have an extra frame i bought that was sitting on a farm for many years. There was no body on it but it is a 4 wheel drive blazer frame. I noticed in this picture yours has rear trailing arms and coil springs but it is a 72. Is that the original frame and did 72 versions come with rear trailing arms? The reason i am asking is, i am not sure what this frame i have is from. Mine has leaf springs in the back but drum brakes in the front
2wd blazers came with the same suspension as a 2wd chevy truck, which was rear coils and trailing arms. Some of the chevy 2wd trucks had a rear leaf as an option. GMC 2wd trucks all had leaf springs out back. All original 4x4's had rear leafs springs. You will see many blazers that were converted from 4x4 to 2wd and still have rear leafs, which is the easy way to tell if it is an original 2wd blazer.
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