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Re: Starting the overall replacement of front suspension today :-) drop time.

So after the 160 views and not a single comment I finished at 11pm. Rustoleum rust reformer with a vht chassis stain top coat. Heating the arms up between coats and after top coat with a heater seems to help paint application, I feel as if they look good. Got this far after 8hrs today. Had to go get pickle fork for tie rod, and went ahead and got some line wrenches from harbor frieght. Ball joints poped out fine with some PB blaster and a 3lb hammer, I wacked the side of bottom joint on spindle for lower and hit bottom of spindle to relase upper. Starting passengers side tomorrow and pulling brake lines, and make some coat hanger templates to test final fit. I might get to master, prop and booster removal, any tips guys? This is my first time doing this on a truck as old as mine and I have never done a full suspension upgrade at once. So far it is going well and want to thank all you guys on the forums for your input. I have learned a lot on the steps simply reading here. Great community.
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