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Re: Starting the overall replacement of front suspension today :-) drop time.

They will be here in a few hours if fed ex is not late. I am going to wait on right side suspension and go ahead and pull booster/master, I'm sore folks I did everything so far in one day even the paint on control arms. I have new wilwood master and adj prop, going to run new lines I need to do that before drivers side suspension is bolted up because lines run to a T and union by the header in a tight spot. As for the booster I will replace the vac nipple in the front and give it a good black paint job if possible. I did the booster test with car on and off seems to work fine however pitted and nasty. As for taking it off, I havent removed a booster before I simply want to paint the brackets and booster black, or look for a factory looking replacement.

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