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Re: anyone making rear interior panels for 81-91 blazers?

Okay, after searching the web I found a guy on named Zelda @ that can send you paper templates that you can transfer to materials to make new ones. Some guys use Luan, others use other types of "board" material. He charges $12 for them. Might want to try that. It's my understanding that the size makes them hard to ship. Restoration Parts has them but they are VERY expensive...$500-$600 if I'm right. Hope this helps. Seems like everyone is looking for them. I called a friend of mine in TN to see if he could find some only to find out he pulled his out and threw them away thinking there wouldn't be anybody needing those. I just about cried! Lots of guys go to interior upholstery shops and have them made. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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