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1972 C10 Suburban - 18" wheels - which tires/sizes?

I bought my '72 from this forum about 7yrs ago. At the time, the previous owner had just installed some new 17" Eagle Alloy wheels and new tires. I wasn't a big fan of the setup, but it was new and I just rolled with it.

Fast forward to today and the tires are finally done. Since I need tires anyway, I wanted to look at replacing the wheels at the same time. I think my truck is lowered 2/3(?). Tires are 255/50 17 front and 275/50 17 rear. Approximate tire height is 27" front and 27.8" rear.

I like GM rally style wheels, but don't want to run 15s. I found these on eBay and like the look and the price -

Front: (2) 18x8" - (4.5" Backspace)
Rear: (2) 18x9" - (5" Backspace)
Bolt Pattern(s): 5x4.75 & 5x5
Center Bore: 2.88" or 73mm.

Now my questions -

- does anyone have experience/input on these wheels?

- recommended tire sizes?

I'd like to run something around the same overall height as my current setup, since I plan to lower the truck a little more in the future.

I searched but didn't find much on 18" wheels/tires, it seems like most go bigger or smaller than 18".

Thanks in advance for any help!
Wayne - '72 C10 Suburban

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