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Re: 1972 C10 Suburban - 18" wheels - which tires/sizes?

Originally Posted by WayneE View Post
That looks great. Thanks for posting, I was wondering if a 28"+ tall tire would be too tall. If my math is correct...

(245*.45)2/25.4+20=28.7" tall

How do you like running the non-staggered fitment on the tires? Do you think the 245s are narrow looking? There are a bunch of 255/50 18 (about 28" tall) that I can run on an 18x8/9" wheel. I just wondered about the width being too narrow out back.
It's rides really well. Right now it's got a 350 2 brl with a three on the tree. Doesn't have enough power to spin tires. I am very happy with wheels and tires choice
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