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Re: C10 Goldilocks

Small updates from the last week or so.

Tried my hand at stripping the frame, used a wire cup brush and it worked good enough for my idea of painting the frame. I went back and fourth a bit but decided I wanted to powder it. My whole philosophy of this truck has been "do it right - do it once". I would've been bull**** if it started chipping away in a year after all that work. Not to mention getting it to bare frame isn't a weekend project. That being said, a friend of a friend does mobile sandblasting so called him up instead of using my POS harbor freight junk on the entire frame.

Top rail is from the wire cup brush, bottom is sand blasted - no primer.

Dropped the frame off at the powdercoater Monday morning, asked if there was anyway I could have it back this Friday so I can assemble Saturday, said it would be a stretch. Apparently what he meant was it was gonna be sooner because Tuesday afternoon I was driving it back home along with all my parts.

Frame in the wash.

tough to see but frame in the oven (they had to stop the conveyor and let it sit in there because it couldn't make the turns the system normally does)

Parts curing

Frame back at the shop.

Had em shoot my GSI battery box while I was at it.

and so that's where I'm at. Gonna get busy saturday after my nephews first birthday party slamming it all back together. Hoping to do it all in one shot, wish me luck!

In my off time this week I zipped together this little picnic table for my nephews party, it's just about knee high at the top, and you can see it had a removable top that in the box I'm gonna fill with sand. Commissioned the mrs to help paint. Hope the little guy likes it! Don't mind the ford in the background, just a shop plow truck

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