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Re: C10 Goldilocks

Originally Posted by Jason7121 View Post
Wow looks amazing

Originally Posted by 69short View Post
Looks nice!
Thanks Justin, greatly appreciated.

Originally Posted by MMcMasters View Post
Everyone else had their hotrods out and about so I wanted to play too so I dragged it outside and zipped the bumper on quick.
This is too funny, I had the same thought today. I ran a few errands today and saw a ton of nice rides out rolling around. I had to push mine out in the sunlight today too
It's days like that I wish i had started this project sooner than January. Oh well, first day of Summer is my absolutely deadline.

Originally Posted by builtbyKane View Post
Roller looks great! I just installed my AZ Performance efi to Boyd fuel line kit. After I had it mapped out it took about 4-5 hrs to complete taking my time. Just fyi I called them about any type of thread sealant and they recommended locktite 545 which is pretty pricey. The small size is $28 and goes way up from there. But it served good purpose in other areas.
Good info! Was it difficult at all? Any tips? Also do I have to get my own P clips or does it come with some kind of fasteners?

It's good piece of mind with the loctite, I used 242 on every bolt on the chassis for good insurance, better safe than sorry. I'll go pick up some 545 this week then.
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