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Re: vortec cover mount - ls swap

i dont see that riser for the cover looks like there is just a plug there where the riser should be. if you got a riser from a wrecked manifold you could try epoxy to see if you could glue one on. the used truck manifolds are pretty cheap cause guys replace them with a shorter manifold or an aftermarket manifold. they are easy to replace and the only coolant you may lose is in the heat lines to the throttle body. those can be pinched off easy. some guys even re-use the gaskets. if you got a deal on a manifold it would be easier to swap than spending time fabbing up a bracket or whatever, and also you would get a chance to check the knock sensors under the mnifold. they are in a well and always rust out and give issues because water collects in the well due to poor/hard grommets. you should also replace the short wiring harness connected to them because you get new grommets then. check some engine swap sites or speed shops, maybe somebody has one for cheap.
below is a few pics of what it looks like
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