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Re: Need help / idea - no power and erratic idling

Okay... so this is where I'm at right now.

I'm calling all this fandangled electrical computer crap what it is... crap.

I've got a motor that I know runs. That I know only needs a few things to run in this truck, and I'm putting it in.

All I need is a flywheel, water pump, and to figure out which wire to run to the distributor. If my midlength headers fit, cool! If not... oh well. Still easier than chasing down this demon.

From what I've read, the mechanical fuel pump can pull through the one in the tank, and all I need to do is pull the fuse to the electric pump. Can anybody confirm this?
If not, I'll pull the pump off of the assembly, and put a hose there with the sock on the end instead.

The tachometer in the dash is no good since it only goes to 5000rpm, and the motor I'm dropping in redlines at 7000rpm, so I'll put a tach on the steering column.

The temp gauge and oil pressure gauge should still work. So should the fuel gauge.

I'm not going to cut out any of the wires at all. I'm going to tape them all out of the way so that if I ever do decide to go back to throttle body, I can. I just need to keep the wires running for the alternator, AC, and starter. Rest should be pretty pointless.
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