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Re: My 1965 Suburban

Been a few days since I updated here. Spent Monday at a local salvage yard picking up some new parts and pieces. Finally got the new front style motor mounts done for the big block-no real reason for this style, just liked the look. Set fenders and original radiator support on to check radiator clearance. Will be making my own radiator support, since it will also be the base for the front opening hood. Also working on her '59 F-100- got the driveshaft in, made a shifter, mounted the new seats and also shortened a GM tilt column 5 1/2". should be test driving hers this weekend and installing exhaust,then it's off for body and paint(which only means moving to a different area, here) LOL! Pulling 'Burb back apart and removing body next week, to finish chassis.
I do sincerely appreciate the kind comments and encouragement on this project. There are alot of very talented people here, I am amazed at some of the work being done.
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