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Re: HELP...1986 C20 5.7....smog removed,,,Check engine light???

Originally Posted by clinebarger View Post
My 85 3/4 ton Suburban had the same emissions equipment, Dual smog pumps, No catalytic converters, No EST, No feedbak Quadrajet, Dual exhaust, Leaded gasoline compatible.

There is a "smog pump control module" on the firewall. Heres a pic of mine, The circle is where it used to be. It grounds the "check engine light" bulb when a fault is detected in the "Air Diverter solenoid" curcuit. Unplug the module, the light should go out.
WOW.....great info...I had just gotten back from some more picture taking and research and took a picture of that little box on the firewall to find out what it was and if that could be the culprit....I plan to give it a shot next time I drive it. As far as mine goes here is some more info......

Stock true dual exhaust with no Y pipe, no cats and no O2 sensor. It is very obvious this is the original exhaust by the shields all over the pipes.

Absolutley no computer behind the glove box.
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