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Re: HELP...1986 C20 5.7....smog removed,,,Check engine light???

Originally Posted by 72freak View Post
OK.........There were two plugs in the bottom of this "smog pump control module". One plug has about 5 wires and the other has 2 wires. I unplugged both sets and the check engine light as mentioned above has NOT come back on. I have watched the truck closely and everything seems to work correctly.

Anyone know what these 2 plugs route to? The 5 wire and the 2 wire?With the info given above Im sure its all smog related but thats a lot of wires for just the smog system. I want to make sure I dont unplug something needed.
I am very curious as to the answer to this question as well! I have an 86 de-smogged K20 and have had the same struggles with check engine and choke light as you. I am tearing it apart for restoration now and was wondering what that box was for. This thread has helped me a ton! Thanks for posting it!
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