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Re: Transmission? Poor acceleration.

When is the last time the motor got a new set of plugs? If the trucks been sitting for any length of time before the mishap, maybe bad fuel and or a clogged fuel filter? Also, over filling the crankcase can lead to fouled plugs. Might take a look at the wires and caps on the distributor making sure they're all fully pressed on to the terminals. It's easy to inadvertently pull a wire loose when pulling the transmission fluid dip stick. I'd definitely install a new set of plugs before I gave up on the transmission. The fact that the 350 turbo is still pulling the truck is testament to how tough they actually are. If you did fry the clutches there should be some tell tale indicators such as a burnt smell in the fluid as well as suspended clutch material in the fluid causing it to be a bit darker than the bright red translucent fluid that was added. If the poor acceleration proves to be some fouled plugs, I'd buy the tranny a pint of this, and myself a six pack of these,
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