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Re: Help With Upper Control Arm and Spindle Rubbing

Thanks for your input!

Finally got time to work on this again. I called McGaughy's to make sure I was shipped the right spindle and see what they thought.
The customer service there was really great.
After taking a few measurements and sending them a few pictures it was determined the spindle is right for my '66 and Brandt gave me the outer tie rod p/n I need for this spindle.

I ordered the tie rods and they came in yesterday. The bolt and taper is a match for the spindle but,,,,, the threaded end of the new tie rod is a smaller diameter than the previous one, and smaller than the currently installed inner tie rod and adjusting sleeve.
I'm not aware of an adjusting sleeve or an adapter to tie different size tie rods together like I have. Please let me know if there is.

Since I'm new to learning steering linkage I'm thinking that if I order the inner tie rod to match the new smaller thread outer, I may then find the new inner won't fit the center link, etc, etc.

At this point it seems I can either change out the entire steering linkage to match the new spindles I have.
Find out how to determine what year the current steering linkage is and then find a stock height spindle to match and also fit the current control arms which I believe are stock.
I'm not sure of the best way to do this other than taking parts off and matching them at the auto parts store. I probably should have done that before ordering the spindels but hey. Education isn't free and thank God for forums like this.

I'd like to keep the current steering linkage so what's the best way to determine what year linkage I have and what stock height spindle will fit it and my current control arms?
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