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Re: Make it handle

WOW, great response. I just got home from ADAMS cart track. Tuesday night is time-attack night. Like autocross, we run two laps on the clock, then pit. Its a great place for chassis tuning, and drivers ed. Tonight I ran a personal best 48.46 sec. lap, and now beat about half of the 'Miata challenge' cars, they are the fastest, tonights best lap 46.92. So, yes, these old pick-ups can earn some respect.

I think we need to start with some vocabulary, so we all stay on the same page. I'll do my best to explain things, but i'm not to good at graphics, so if you can help, please do. I'm trying to give this some thought, so it all makes sense, and right now i'm kinda pumped after racing, so this is it for now, I hear a cold one calling
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