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Re: Make it handle

Ok, lots of choices, and matches. Or, mis-matches. A panhard rod does on thing better than other locators, and that is that it actively locates the rear roll center. In the front, a high roll center, and a low center of gravity is a good aproach. But in the back, the center of gravity is not very low, and unless you start moving things down and back, thats just the way it is. Having a low roll center will produce a good 'bite' in and out of a corner, but it produces more body roll. So, a combo of a low panhard rod and a light sway bar will give you great results. Triangulated 4-bars, while user friendly are not my favorate. They will need a sway bar to cut body roll, but you can't really induce any bite. Check out "speedway enginering" for sway bar parts and rates. Also, "race junk. com" you can find splined bars an arms from the circle and sprint crowd. If you are on stock style trailing arms, first switch to long, adjustable style panhard rod. We have them, as do others.
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