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Re: Make it handle

This stuff is great. There are more ways than one to skin a cat. Everyone will have there favorites. As we all know, Trucks are plagued with a weight issue. Too much, too high, and too far forward. Moving weight can do wonders, even the things that don't seem obvious. And, it's cheap. Tank, and battery are easy ones, but Nascar teams would kill to move the motor down and back an inch. How about small cap distributers, and/or firewall setbacks, these will pay off in the long run. When it comes to rear suspension setups, I prefere 4 bars, or trailing arms. One thing is for sure, 'short' bar set ups - SUCK! To get a truck to stick at all, you have to transfer the weight slow and smooth, that means longer bars. 25 to 30 % of the wheelbase will help. Too long and the bars will flex. WIDE mounting of the links, springs and shocks is desired. If your building, and you mount inboard of the rails, you already lost.

OK, two guys drinkin on barstools. One barstool has thin legs that go straight down to the floor from under the seat, about 10' apart. The other barstool has thicker legs that angle out to a wider base on the floor, about 18". Now, as guys do, they start to agrue about important stuff, like big block vs small block, and soon the push each other. Who is heading into the sawdust and peanut shells? (thats the kind of place I like to hang out in) - on the wide stance barstool.
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